Saturday, December 28, 2013

Swing And a Miss

On today's podcast, we reviewed several excellent comics by Wayward Raven. The guys over there are incredibly talented and you should definitely check them out at 
Anyway, during the show we talked about their web comic Damn Heroes. Judging the comic solely by its name, I imagined some kind of space western. I was's so much better than that!
Damn Heroes is the hilariously entertaining tale of an ordinary man who is en route to becoming a super villain. The comic satirizes everything we love about superhero comics: the fact that the hero never dies (especially if he's basically superman), the super villains are inept, and superheroes in general are complete and utter dillholes. I loved it. I binge read the entire thing in about half an hour, and I cannot wait for more. You can check them out at They update every Wednesday.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh, hay.

Hey guys.

I could say that I've been very busy, working overtime, slaving away for my spring break beach body, oil painting, learning the arabic alphabet, whatever.  I'm not going to even pretend like I have an excuse for my lack of attention to the geekcast world.  In reality, I've been too busy geeking out and not realizing it to blog. 

So, I'm going to promise you all that I will try to be a little more self aware and blog more.  However, I can't promise that I won't take another hiatus because, as most geeks know, once an obsession takes hold, you must hit geek rock bottom in order to realize how consumed you have been.  I am now on my 3rd consecutive hour of New Girl, in my footie pajamas, drinking a 5 dollar bottle of wine.  I'm not even sure this is the worst of it.  Until season 2 is finished, anything goes.  Any pair of  pajamas is game, any chocolate product=a well rounded dinner.

So, I'll see you all once Nick and Jess finally hook up. Because goddammit, those two are meant for each other.

Fish fingers and Custard, it's gonna be big!

Oh, what day is it again? How long was I gone? Oh. Sorry. All the excitement with Doctor Who's 50th anniversary got me excited for a trip to the future. You're going to love the Christmas Episode, Capaldi is a stud....Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying the new....oh. We haven't done that yet? Oh, well I guess you'll just have to wait a little bit longer for the goodness coming up! 

Basstastic news!

Hey guys, Rob Bass here! I just wanted to take a minute to say sorry for slacking on the blogs and tweets recently. We've been talking here at Geek Cast Live and we've got some great ideas that we want to start implementing! Hope you'll be a jazzed about it as we are! Blog about The Desolation of Smaug coming soon! Until next time, Bass out.

Something About Event Horizons And Whatnot

Well it's been a bit since I've blogged. Hell since anyone from Geek Cast Live has actually.  We've been off the grid as they say, but not unproductive.  We have geared it down in an effort to concentrate on the brand and on the product.  We have a bevy of geektastic goings on about to be released to the public that I think will have made the wait worth it.  Overselling? Maybe. Got your Geek Ticker Tickin? Absolutely! I'd like to leave you with a thanks for tuning in, and a thanks for letting your Geek Flag Fly!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Magnificent Monstrosity that is Marvel

Hey guys, Bass again, and I've got some updates for you! Now for those of you who have lived under a rock for the last week you've missed some big news. Obviously I'm going to be talking about Marvel, because I love Marvel and it's in the fucking title of this post. So, let's start off with one of the "smaller" gigs: Sony and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Big news? We've got video of Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, and that's chilling as fuck. If you haven't seen it yet...


So that's cool. Next we have leaked pictured of who we presume to be The Vulture. Some bald(ish) guy prancing around in Ravencroft Industries shit... Yeah, it's gonna be Adrain Toomes. Then we have Paul Giamatti as the Rhino. Of course this has been known for some time, but I'm just super pumped to see the Rhino go ham on Spidey. 


Next, we've got Fox with both The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past. I'd like to start by saying... OH FUCKING SHITBALLS SENTINELS!!! Now that that's out of the way, more footage and pictures are leaking for The Wolverine, which is fantastic. Chances are, they can't possibly fuck this one up because I'd like to think they learned something after X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Only time will tell if I still hate Fox. Nextly (cause that's a word now), X-Men: DoFP has had leaks too. Specifically; Wolverine and Old Wolverine, Iceman, Jean Luc Picard, Gandalf, and most importantly a badass Bishop. So that's cool. Can't wait for it, and I'm really looking forward to Tyrion mass producing weapons of genocide. One more time... Sentinels.

Lastly, the Avengers movie universe. So, things to come, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Cap gets a make over and Bucky is a bad guy. Word is they are using the good ole Captain as a springboard for Avengers 2, which isn't a terribly big surprise. Thor: The Dark World, we're so close it hurts. Loki stole the show in Hall-H and we got a new trailer that *spoilers*shows Asgard getting fucked up*end spoilers*. So that's neat. Guardians of the Galaxy brought the whole crew out and let's be honest, it's gonna be fantastic. If you still aren't familiar with GotG, go to the Google and learn yourself asap, because this is gonna be massive. GotG could very easily shake up the entire Marvel movie universe because we're moving to things on a more galactic scale. Duh. Which means villains are gonna start being bigger and badder, the threats more threatening, and the amount of badassery is now unlimited. Finally, we're gonna end this long ass post with this... Avengers: Age of Ultron. Firstly, kudos Joss Whedon, for throwing a massive curveball with Thanos in the last Avengers and leading us on to believe he was gonna be the baddie. Ultron means several things, firstly we may yet see Ant-Man, however rumors are *spoilers*Ultron may be a corrupted JARVIS*end spoilers* which would be a fucking huge throw. More heroes, a super badass villain, being Ultron, and the return of Ironman means that Avengers: Age of Ultron will blow Avengers out of the water. Coming from me, that's saying something. So long, folks, here is a sentinel head, you're welcome.

Get Ready For Genocide

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot: Hodor

Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor, Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor; Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor-Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor-Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor.


Geek Cast One Shot: For The Love Of The Game

After this years Comic-Con one thing has become clear.  I need more buy in.  I , as in me personally, need to redouble my efforts in the Geek Game.  So look out world because I have a feeling I'm gonna be able to rally my troops.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pacific Rim Review

So that was a ride. I think Pacific Rim is one of those movies that is exactly as people describe it: good for what it is. The story isn't terribly original, the science isn't sciency enough, and the saucy, more experienced sergeant couldn't pin down his accent. That aside, it was terrifically entertaining. The CG was gorgeous, the effects were tastefully done (no Baysplosions), and the story is really decent. This is a movie that I could watch over and over without becoming disenchanted with the beautiful, bizarre future Guillermo Del Toro laid out for us. It's the kind of movie my dad would watch on TNT at 3 in the morning because it's on. And for that, I rate it a 3.8/5 on the Joe scale of movies.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot: Beta Ray Diesel

According to  the Korbinite race will be included in Marvels upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.  I don't believe its to far off to assume that Beta Ray Bill will be included somewhere down the line in the MCU.  Now i'm no betting man but ill wager my prized mule they already have him cast.....drum roll please.....ladies & gentlemen in a prediction sure to go wrong Vin Diesel will play Beta Ray in either Guardians or Avengers 2.   You heard it hear first.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This one was a tough one for me .  The episode as a whole was good, but the final scene just didn't do it for me .  Not that it was bad. I just wanted a different ending.  The episode for me revolved around the small council scene.  Dialog ripped damn near verbatim from the book combined with amazing acting, the norm for this series, made for just an extraordinary scene.  What I would call a Scene Awesome.  So like I said my only gripe was the final scene, and maybe Ser Jamie showing up at Kings Landing a little earlier than I expected but overall a good episode to cap of an amazing season.  Get here fast season four, we need you.

Rumor has it we are going to finally get to meet the Red Viper next season.  Here's looking at you Oded Fehr.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot : Worf

Found myself knee deep in an episode of Star Trek this morning.  This of course rekindled my love of Lieutenant Commander Worf.  I just watched him fire some form of plasma bazooka into a group of random alien beings.  This has brought me great joy.

The Rains of Castamere, Candy Crush Lyfe and THE MF'IN BLACKHAWKZ BRO

First off, how about them Blackhawks, huh?! HUH? What do you mean you don't watch hockey!? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? I'm pretty sure the Blackhawks won the most important game in the history of games and war and life yesterday or maybe that was a week ago or tonight or possibly next year but jeez if they don't win THIS game how will we ever go on with our lives.

Well, now that we've established just how important the Blackhawks are and how EPIC this is, and how everyone in Chicago will apparently turn into raisins and be baked into subpar cinnamon raisin bread if they  don't win let's move on to (obviously) less important subjects.

The Rains of Castamere. Yes. Unequivocally, yes.  I want to rewatch on repeat until my eyes fall out.  Finally, an episode that didn't leave me wishing they had added (or left out) ONE more thing.  Well, maybe the really cheesy scene between Rob and his soon to be dead prego wifey, I could have done without that.  But sapfest and all, this episode absolutely kicked ass.  Being a Hound lover, I was so happy with what they have done over the past few episodes, adding a little more humanity to his character, giving us more insight into who he is as a person with fears and a very troubling past.  The strange relationship between him and Arya is one of my favorite parts of A Storm of Swords, and I couldn't be happier they did such a great job with it in the show.  As for the grand finale--again, yes.  The tension that was built up when the music began to play was even better than I had imagined, it gives me goosebumps even thinking about it. And for the record, I don't mind that they offed Jeyne Westerling.  The effect for television was harrowing, and I honestly don't think it would have been as powerful had they not made this choice. I don't want to harp on this episode too long, since Ry did such a great job in his post, and because I'm sitting at Honda waiting for my oil change to be done and don't have much time, but bravo, producers. You rule.

Recently I discovered Candy Crush.  This was a mistake.  If you are considering playing--don't.  You will be consumed.  Red jellies exploding jellies wtf is up with all the jelly row of greens i need 4 greens to get a donut that will explode all the purps but where are the swedish fish.  Sugar crush, dawg. 

Well, it seems my car is ready.  Hope the Blackhawks win tonight, (or tomorrow or maybe next week) BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME IN THE HISTORY OF GAMES. Like more important than the outcome of those games where indians would stab eachother with spears while they played fake quidditch on the ground or whatever.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Rains of Castamere

First of all this was not the best episode of the season.  It was however the most anticipated.  I remember reading the Red Wedding and throwing the book across the room.  I didn't pick it up for two days, bound and determined to stick it to Martin, a silly attempt to make him feel the pain I was feeling.  I remember thinking "I could handle Ned's beheading ,but this, this you sadist has made me draw a line in the fucking sand."  Thankfully, I picked it back up and finished reading.  So to say I was looking forwards to this episode may be a tiny bit of an understatement.
Take the Wedding out of this episode and it was pretty good on its own.  The fight in Yunkai with Dario, Grey Worm, and Jorah was pretty cool.  Watching Grey Worm rock the spear was delicious, and the look on Jorahs face when he had to tell Danny that in fact Daario lived (much to his chagrin).  However as good as the rest of the episode was it was nothing but build up and filler for the main event, the Red Wedding.  From the word jump Walder Frey makes your skin crawl and even before the events that claimed the King of the North readers and non-readers alike had a sense of hatred for him, a testament to both the actor and the writers.  Another actor who has flat nailed it this season is Tobias Menzies.  His portrayal of Edmure Tully, especially in episode nine, has been excellent.  The look on his face when he realizes he's not about to marry some Frey monster made my night.  I also loved the fact that they threw a bone out to the readers and included, semi prominently, good ole Wendel Manderly.  If you don't know who he is I feel bad for you, because you have not read the book and hence haven't lived.  The rest of the Wedding is self explanatory and I'm to gonna touch on or critique.  Let's just say I found it to be everything I wanted it to be in almost every way, a certain head swap I think being held off until the finale notwithstanding.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Sons

Three or so weeks ago I told you how I had just watched the greatest episode of Game of Thrones.  Well last night I may have watched the greatest episode in television history. And with all hyperbole now set aside allow me to expound.  
From the beginning of season one the acting on this show has been its strong point and in this episode it shined.  The way Lena plays Cersie , the way we can feel her bitterness taste her seething.  You could have been watching this show for the first time and known beyond the shadow of a doubt how much she hated Margaery. Jack Gleeson has turned whiny turd Joffrey into megalomaniacal Joffrey making him the actor who in my humble opinion needs to be looked at come awards season,  and these are only two examples of greatness in a series, in an episode full of amazing actors and actresses.  Even some of the characters who are not getting as much screen time, or only their one moment of screen time, are coming to work.  Rory McCann has taken the Hound and turned him into possibly the greatest antihero of all time, and Mark Killean didn't just steal the show as Mero he was never caught.  Some say he parachuted out of a plane in the Northern Pacific backwoods , whether or not he still lives is uncertain.  All in all I'm just riding a high after watching and then rewatching the episode. Pausing of course during the second best bath scene...ever.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot: Doctor Who Finale

Whoa! What just happened to my life? So many questions were answered and so, so many more were raised! I'll post more after I've had time to think about it, but that was awesome. I think that might literally be the best episode of Doctor Who I've ever seen. It was scene awesome after scene awesome. And the reveal at the end about John Hurt. All I can say for now is: I cannot wait until November. Mr. Moffat, you sir, are a genius.

The Name of the Doctor: A Pre-Show Look

Part 2 of Doctor Who Season 7 has gone by too quickly.  With each story whizzing past in episodes that could last two hours, it's been hard to see what it's all leading up to. And then there was Sweetville.  'The Crimson Horror' was perfectly paced and truly exciting. And then there were Cybermen and Warwick Davis as Emperor of the Universe. Last week's episode was easily the best this season so far and I couldn't wait for tonight's. And then I watched the prequel to tonight's episode--more on that later.

Tonight's episode is the only one on this half of the season that Moffat wrote and that's more than enough to make me drool in anticipation. 'The Name of The Doctor' is probably the most controversial episode in Matt Smith's reign because no one wants to know the Doctor's name. There have been protests and riots and a slew of complaining articles by die-hard Whovians who don't trust that Moffat knows what he's doing.

Personally, I'd love to know the Doctor's real name, but I doubt it'll be revealed. Clara will likely find it out, but the rest of the episode will probably just be drawn out plays on the whole 'Doctor? Doctor Who?' joke. Apparently tonight will show the introduction of a new villain: The Whispermen. We should also expect to see the return of River Song.

I'm glad about River returning if only because I felt that 'Silence in the Library' wasn't a satisfactory end to such magnificent character. Her pseudo-death at the hands of a computer planet seemed, in retrospect, a convenient way to leave the door open for a later return.  If the Doctor went through the trouble of downloading her consciousness to CAL, surely he would find a way to restore her body at some point in the future. Also, as a married man, the Doctor shouldn't be quite so interested in Clara if River is still technically living.

But more importantly, any follower of the show remembers the Fields of Trenzalore and the importance the Doctor's name has to Moffat's story arc. Oh, and by the way it comes up in the prequel, which you should watch again in case you missed it the first time around.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Thankfully they set the bar so low last week that all they really had to do was air fifteen seconds of T&A to top it.  Thankfully they did more than that and also gave us fifteen seconds of gratuitousness.  Tonight's episode set the stage for a lot that is coming down the pike.  It wasn't flashy , wasn't full of pomp.  Just a good space filler of an episode.  The best thing the production team is doing with this season of Game of Thrones is the spot on character development of one Ser Jamie Lannister.  I remember the feeling I got about his character when I was reading the book.  The subtle change in mindset from a charming jagoff to a man longing for the ideals that so drew him to knighthood in the first place.  Jamie jumped in front of a bear not knowing how it would wind up.  He just knew that it was   something a knight would do, and in the doing maybe for the first time in a long time Ser Jamie felt that maybe , just maybe he was a knight again.
Oh and how perfect was 'The Rains of Castamere' playing over the final scene?! Can you say #sceneawesome

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Climb

Look I'm not naive enough to think that George RR Martin doesn't give his blessing to changes. And I'm not one of those "must stay exactly true to the book or I will not watch and will complain until I'm blue in the face and die an angry old hoarder with spiders in my hair" fans. HOWEVER, Gendry is not Edric Storm! Never has been . Never will be. How hard could it be just to introduce a new character. I mean seven hells it's not like you haven't done that before. Ok , whew now that I got that off my chest let me give you my skinny on tonight's episode. In a squeak I'd say good not great. Part of it is because it had to follow last weeks episode which was the best episode since last seasons Blackwater, part of it was because it just wasn't that good. It wasnt just the Gendry debacle, the Littlefinger monologue ruined what was left of an otherwise so-so episode. It seemed way too overwrought, too 80's. I don't know, can't put my finger on it. Maybe it was the music or maybe it was the weird over emotional kiss at the end. Hell maybe I'm just being crabby. It Just wasn't good. Don't get me wrong it had its moments. Well actually moment. To see Tyrion and Cersei act even remotely civil was very cool, and the acting was simply superb. The way Cersei perked up at the mention of Jamie, the loathing Tyrion holds for the position his father put Sansa in. It was what the hashtag folks call #sceneawesome.

Friday, May 3, 2013

White Geek Gurl Problems:

Hey there all my fellow geek-zillas this is geek gurl Lez comin at ya "live" from the greater Midwest area!

As I was sitting here studying for my GRE my mind began to wonder to all of the other things I would rather be doing with my precious time. My first go to naturally was the Game of Thrones, however as the clever girl that I am upon signing up for the test I knelt down in Eddard Stark's ghostly presence and swore an oath to house Winterfell that I Geek Gurl Lez will banish all books from my possession until after the test. So as a non-oath-breaker (Ya Jon Snow I said NON-oath-breaker you horney bastard... (ha bastard that's funny)) Game of Thrones was out of the question. SO WHATS A GIRL TO DO? Clearly I was in a pickle! After a minute or two of complete and utter desolation it hit me right in the face! Us geek gurls have been slacking over here and it is about damn time one of geek cast live geek gurls hopped into the ring with the big dawgs and posted a geek-a-licious blog for all procrastinating geeks to enjoy. So enjoy....

As I said I was studying for the GRE today and there is just something I have to get out before I can find any clarity to give you the geek-a-licious post I have promised. Here it goes... While attempting to absorb as much of the extremely excessive vocabulary as I could I came across the word: Adulterate. Yes adulterate. Immediately we all think of the same things sex, drugs, and corruption BUT NO just wait. In context this is how the word was used:  "The chef made his ketchup last longer by adulterating it with water". What the fuck is that! Really that is how you are going to use the word "adulterate" in context! OK Kaplan you managed to use the phrase "last longer" you were half way there. Immediately my mind, and any normal 20 somethings mind, took a dive for the more reasonable contextual uses of this word, i.e sexually exploiting women, tainting a younger sibling by force feeding them alcohol for the first time, or really anything immoral or looked down upon in societies terms. How the hell could the Kaplan team manage to make my life any more miserable...oh that's right they couldn't. Now not only was I pissed off about spending my day studying and this pathetic use of the word, I also began to get bombarded by weird unexplainable visions pertaining to sexual exploitations involving ketchup and in some cases fully ripe tomatoes. Needless to say this is an abomination on Kaplans part, can't you at least throw in something a little more 50 shades and exciting to hold my attention and all my fellow GRE test takers attention then fucking watering ketchup down? I mean even some sort of more exciting liquid then water..... GAHHH BLASPHEMY I tell ya! Well at least I got that out I don't know if I feel any better but I think I can now peacefully move on with my post.

No, no I cant.

Until next time Geek-a-zoids.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot : Iron Man 3

If the blogs are to be believed tonight's Iron Man 3 will be a complete disappointment. Will the end credits tease future Marvel properties? Will the Mandarin be a bust? Do I care? The answer in short is no. Be this movie what it may, bring it on. Totally stoked for phase two to start.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Bass Trilogy Part 1: Ironman is fantastic, Superman sucks. Period.

Hey everyone,  I'm Rob Bass from Geek Cast Live and it's about time I started blogging. This is the first blog I am putting out, and it's actually the first of a three part series. It's going to basically be a "marry, fuck, or kill" but for superheroes. Except it's more like "love, loathe, and the Ironman movie will be better than Superman's in every way."

Now, for those of you who don't know (which will basically be everyone) I am a Marvel fanatic. Period. Not saying any other comic production company isn't good, I've was just brought up in a house where Marvel reigned supreme. Now with this summer's upcoming blockbusters I'm presented with the opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do. Compare my all-time favorite superhero and icon against one I absolutely cannot stand. Now, as you could have probably guessed from the title of this post, Ironman is my favorite superhero. I'm now going to, in painful detail, explain: who Ironman is as a character, and why he is who he has become. To save us a little bit of time and trouble, when I start my explaination, I'm going to solely use the Ironman movies as a reference, otherwise I'm going to be writing a novel, which I'm sure Joe and Ry would loooooove. So without further ado, let's go.

Alright, so this all began probably fifteen years ago when I happened to get ahold of "Tales of Suspense #39," which translates from nerd to the first issue that Ironman ever appeared in. Now, I was a sucker for building things as a kid and I had one of the most ridiculous imaginations ever. So naturally, I grew to admire Tony Stark. I've read every comic arc and most every novel adaptation, I've watched the movies and way too many of the cartoons, and I even started engineering school so I could be the real life Anthony Edward Stark. I'd go so far as to say I'm the biggest Ironman fan in the world, but that still might be an understatement.

So, I grew up looking up to Tony. Over the years, I've become more fond of tragic characters than most anything, and Tony is most definitely a tragic character. I think that Tony is an incredibly relatable character, which is something that always seems to shine through when it comes to Marvel's characters. Now, hopefully, some of you are going to flip your keyboard off your desk and come up with some really creative insults for me. "Rob, this guy is made of money, gets any girl he wants, has a suit of pseudo-science armor that can effectively do anything, and he has the ego that makes Zeus look as humble as Mr. Miyagi, how can he possibly be relatable?!" Well, lucky for you, I'm going to do just that.

Tony has never had a close family connection. Daddy worked all the time and mom was off... Well, probably enjoying a cabana boy and a martini. So, he grew up with some level of emotional distance, which explains why he can't manage to have an actual relationship. This lack of affection also explains his incessant womanizing, he's trying to fill a void that he never really experienced. Psychology is cool, kids. He did, however, have a friend who he felt close to. Obadiah Stane, who was Tony's mentor, confidant, advisor, and playmate more-or-less. Now, I don't know if you really get that feel in the first movie. Obadiah is basically the closest thing that Tony has to family... And then he turns on Tony because Stane is actually a capitalistic, Gordon Gecko-y, greedy bastard. Such is the corporate world.

Tony has also had tons of problems with addictions. Sex, drugs, booze, and rock and roll have basically summed up Tony's life. Some of these occurred before his accident, though many after. He's coping. Tony's handling the situation like thousands upon thousands of other people. He's struggling, not just against super-villians, criminal masterminds, and terrorist, but against the fact that he has a terminal illness. He knows that at any time, he could die. If he puts to much physical strain on any one part, the shrapnel in chest could pierce his heart. Kinda heavy stuff, right? He strengthens his resolve and puts his vices behind him because he decides he wants to be a part of something bigger than himself.

Which leads to my next point, the man on the throne. Tony Stark is something of a narcissist. He's had himself to rely on his entire life, and he's gotten very good at being reliable to himself. This relates to his lack of family interaction and affection. Think about it, Tony never had parents in the elementary years of his life, and sure didn't have them during his teenage years. That's when we start becoming the people we are meant to people, and we are very easily broken here. Tony realizes he can't really rely on anyone else to help him. So, he took the initiative to use his innovative understandings of the world, and apply them. Between being brilliant and becoming a super-efficient self-motivated engines of ambition, Tony had everything he needed to become this guy with an ego that needs it's own bedroom. However, this is also what leads to Tony quite often putting his wants, needs, and ego on the front lines. Now, Tony is the most selfish-selfless guy I can think of. He invest himself in every challenge he encounters. He's a proud guy, and proud men don't take kindly to being beaten. Ever. So when he invested his time, effort, money, and life into helping people that's exactly what he expects to give. Honestly, with everything Stark has gone through, it's a miracle he turned out to be a good guy. Looking at his tragic past, he's basically one psycho-ex away from being Doctor Doom.

So, basically, what I'm trying to say is, Tony Stark, our Armored Avenger, is probably one of the most developed and relatable superheroes I can think of. Again, I could probably continue writing for years about this, and I know I cut quite a bit from what I originally wanted to talk about. Hopefully, you know Ironman a little better as a character now and maybe this will help explain some things in the upcoming Ironman 3. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Tune in next time for... "The Bass Trilogy Part 2: Fuck you, Superman."

Monday, April 29, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot: The Following

In fifteen minute the season finale of the fantastic Kevin Bacon & James Purefoy vehicle 'The Following' will premiere. The fact that this is it until television season kicks in again this fall is a major bummer because this show is great. Not good, great. It didn't start slow and it only accelerated and at the moment is damn near breakneck. If you are not watching it you are missing one of the best shows on television. If you have been tuning in good for you. Doesn't it feel good to be in the know.

Stuck On The Slow Path

Saturday's Episode, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS was awesome. We finally got to see the fabled swimming pool and a library that rivals that of the Jedi Council.  We also found out that not only does The Doctor have a name, it's written down in The History of The Time War.  But as much as I loved the episode--and all the episodes this season...and every episode I've ever seen of the show...I have to say I'm a little let down.
I know this whole season is leading up to the 50th Anniversary in November, but it doesn't have that driving feeling that the Amy era had leading up to every big reveal during the Ponds' legacy. There's a lot of talent working on the show, but I get the feeling that BBC is testing the waters for new writers going forward.  This is a really exciting prospect, since everyone needs a place to start, but they need some work with pacing.  
So far this season has been very fast paced with hour-long episodes flying by like the TARDIS took us on the fast path. But I wish it would slow down just a little bit--maybe even shooting a couple two-parters like when the series first re-opened in 2005.  I think it would do more justice to long-time fans and do more to develop The Doctor's bigger story. I appreciate the jump to America, but my Geek Vindication wishes that they'd give new fans the same experience that brought the old fans such wonder and amazement. 
Basically, if I'm stuck on the slow path like normal people waiting week by week for the next episode, I wish the episodes would slow down a little too.

Geek Cast One Shot : Website.....soon

It's tough to be a group of tech savvy whack-a-dos and not have a website. So we went and got ourselves one. Look for it to be up and running by May first. It should be your go to place for everything Geek Cast Live. From twitter feeds to blogs to a calendar of events will be the portal to the Kingdom of Geeknerddom.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kissed By Fire

Well, that was a powerhouse of an episode. First things first I must comment about the fantastic bits of T & A . A rousing, no pun intended, round of applause to all who bared bum and breast. Now I'm not going to review everything just gonna highlite the two or three scenes that made me geek a little harder than others.
I'm gonna start the same way the episode did, with the Lightning Lord and the Hound. I believe the phrase 'scene awesome' comes to mind . It blew me away. Everything from the fire to the way Beric handled a sword was picture perfect. The unsullied I had with me in the house didn't understand how Beric came back to life but that's what happens when you read as often as Ser Davos.
The next scene that made this episode arguably the best of the season was the bath scene with Jamie and Brienne. I remember reading the book ,and when you slowly discover the truth about Jamie, he begins to become one of your favorite characters. The bath scene in this episode conveyed so much emotion and pain and if you weren't sold on the casting of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau now turn around and leave. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Dude killed it.
Finally, folks does it get any better than The Blackfish? It was a small scene, insignificant even. But he stole it, he fucking stole it. Both the scene and the episode. The Blackfish, stud.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Geek Vindication

I have never been one to shy away from flying my geek flag. I've been to conventions, spent countless hours browsing comics , playing Warhammer, and much to the consternation of my wife spending hard earned dollars buying card, board , and role playing games on a lark. I've been at the midnight showing of everything from the Matrix to The Hobbit. In 1996 at the ripe old age of 13 I picked up George R R Martin's 'A Game Of Thrones'. My mom bought it for me thinking it was going to be akin to the tame Tolkien tales of swords and sorcery. Oh how wrong she was. Needless to say it took poor Bran Stark getting pushed out a window and I was hooked. I've lived in Westeros from the beginning and was elated when I heard HBO was going to greenlight the series for television. Then became quickly deflated and , yes childishly, became angry. I found myself in a sea of "unsullied" late comers and bandwagoners asking me if I had seen this show.
"It's so amazing, there is this girl named Danielle who is so awesome!"
"Boromir is in it!"
"That Jeffrey kid is a real dick!"
The final blow came from when a good friend of mine told asked me if "I knew that they wrote a book about the show?"
I had lost all faith in humanity. The worst part was that all of these people were people who had previously poked fun of my geekdom. People who had who had characterized me as a hot pocket eating, neckbearded , virgin, because I had a well painted Dark Elf army in my attic where now two feet deep into a world that I had ate , slept and breathed for 15 years! And when I thought it couldn't have gotten any worse , when I thought my head was going to explode from the injustice it dawned on me. These people were flying , many for the first time, their geek flag! This wasn't something I should be angry at. Something to loathe. This was something that I should celebrate. These people where vindicating my life long passion for the Kingdom of Geeknerddom! And when this was fully digested and realized I smiled, because I was right all along.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Like A Lamb Out Like A Lion

We are on the brink of a fantastic month of geek ladies and gentlemen.  I repeat a fantastic month of geek!  Which is super cool to say in a month normally dominated by college basketball and currently dominated by the election of a new Pope.  Let get through the minor news items, minor to me anyway, right away.  The month kicks off with what looks to be a sweet retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Not my favorite of tales but it looks good enough to burn some greenbacks on some popcorn and I dig Ewan Mcgregor.  Then just a measly week later we get the highly touted James Franco vehicle Oz: The Great and Powerful.   A lot of people don't know that ole Frank L. wrote more than one book on Oz and although , if my memory serves, none of them where a prequel I am just stoked to see an expansion of this world.  There, now that that's over with let's move on to what is truly making this month the magical month it is going to be, it's just a shame we are going to have  to wait until  the last two days.  Saturday March 30 will see the return of the Doctor, complete with a new companion , resplendent in his bow tie.  Admittedly I'm  late to the good Doctors party but nevertheless the amount of weight this premier gives to March cannot be ignored.   However geek just builds from there because the month ends with a battle royal , clash of the titans , two shows enter one show leaves , fist fight , title bout for the ages.  The season three finale of The Walking Dead, and the season three premier of Game of Thrones arrive on our televisions at the same time, on the same day.  A predicament placing all of Geeknerddom on notice .  Who will it be?  Tyrion Lannister  or Rick Grimes,  Jon Snow or Daryl Dixon?  Thank God we have all whole month to make up our mind.  Thank God for DVR.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome to Geeknerddom

Hello World! Geek Cast Live here with our first blog post ever. So here's our introduction. We're a group of friends with a lot of geeky pass times: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and about a million other things (ask us we'd love to talk about it). We live tweet events like TV shows (The Walking Dead, Academy Awards, Game of Thrones), Comic Book News, Movie Reviews and other stuff that we think is cool (GenCon, SteamCon, Magic the Gathering).  If you're passionate about anything geeky (seriously: Firefly, Torchwood, Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-Blog, Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek, Star Wars, need I say more?) then sit back, read our posts and follow us on Twitter.  Our handle is @geekcastlive. Also feel free to enjoy content from any of our (currently 5) bloggers: @geekcastry, @geekcastbass, @geekcastjoe, @geekgurljo, @geekgurlles. Did I leave anything out? I don't know. You tell me. Comment below, or shoot us an email at And as always, #geekharder

Note: Almost anything we blog about is probably an opinion or a reblogged/reposted piece of the internet. We'll probably give you the link so that you can follow the river of knowledge to it's source.