Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Sons

Three or so weeks ago I told you how I had just watched the greatest episode of Game of Thrones.  Well last night I may have watched the greatest episode in television history. And with all hyperbole now set aside allow me to expound.  
From the beginning of season one the acting on this show has been its strong point and in this episode it shined.  The way Lena plays Cersie , the way we can feel her bitterness taste her seething.  You could have been watching this show for the first time and known beyond the shadow of a doubt how much she hated Margaery. Jack Gleeson has turned whiny turd Joffrey into megalomaniacal Joffrey making him the actor who in my humble opinion needs to be looked at come awards season,  and these are only two examples of greatness in a series, in an episode full of amazing actors and actresses.  Even some of the characters who are not getting as much screen time, or only their one moment of screen time, are coming to work.  Rory McCann has taken the Hound and turned him into possibly the greatest antihero of all time, and Mark Killean didn't just steal the show as Mero he was never caught.  Some say he parachuted out of a plane in the Northern Pacific backwoods , whether or not he still lives is uncertain.  All in all I'm just riding a high after watching and then rewatching the episode. Pausing of course during the second best bath scene...ever.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot: Doctor Who Finale

Whoa! What just happened to my life? So many questions were answered and so, so many more were raised! I'll post more after I've had time to think about it, but that was awesome. I think that might literally be the best episode of Doctor Who I've ever seen. It was scene awesome after scene awesome. And the reveal at the end about John Hurt. All I can say for now is: I cannot wait until November. Mr. Moffat, you sir, are a genius.

The Name of the Doctor: A Pre-Show Look

Part 2 of Doctor Who Season 7 has gone by too quickly.  With each story whizzing past in episodes that could last two hours, it's been hard to see what it's all leading up to. And then there was Sweetville.  'The Crimson Horror' was perfectly paced and truly exciting. And then there were Cybermen and Warwick Davis as Emperor of the Universe. Last week's episode was easily the best this season so far and I couldn't wait for tonight's. And then I watched the prequel to tonight's episode--more on that later.

Tonight's episode is the only one on this half of the season that Moffat wrote and that's more than enough to make me drool in anticipation. 'The Name of The Doctor' is probably the most controversial episode in Matt Smith's reign because no one wants to know the Doctor's name. There have been protests and riots and a slew of complaining articles by die-hard Whovians who don't trust that Moffat knows what he's doing.

Personally, I'd love to know the Doctor's real name, but I doubt it'll be revealed. Clara will likely find it out, but the rest of the episode will probably just be drawn out plays on the whole 'Doctor? Doctor Who?' joke. Apparently tonight will show the introduction of a new villain: The Whispermen. We should also expect to see the return of River Song.

I'm glad about River returning if only because I felt that 'Silence in the Library' wasn't a satisfactory end to such magnificent character. Her pseudo-death at the hands of a computer planet seemed, in retrospect, a convenient way to leave the door open for a later return.  If the Doctor went through the trouble of downloading her consciousness to CAL, surely he would find a way to restore her body at some point in the future. Also, as a married man, the Doctor shouldn't be quite so interested in Clara if River is still technically living.

But more importantly, any follower of the show remembers the Fields of Trenzalore and the importance the Doctor's name has to Moffat's story arc. Oh, and by the way it comes up in the prequel, which you should watch again in case you missed it the first time around.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Thankfully they set the bar so low last week that all they really had to do was air fifteen seconds of T&A to top it.  Thankfully they did more than that and also gave us fifteen seconds of gratuitousness.  Tonight's episode set the stage for a lot that is coming down the pike.  It wasn't flashy , wasn't full of pomp.  Just a good space filler of an episode.  The best thing the production team is doing with this season of Game of Thrones is the spot on character development of one Ser Jamie Lannister.  I remember the feeling I got about his character when I was reading the book.  The subtle change in mindset from a charming jagoff to a man longing for the ideals that so drew him to knighthood in the first place.  Jamie jumped in front of a bear not knowing how it would wind up.  He just knew that it was   something a knight would do, and in the doing maybe for the first time in a long time Ser Jamie felt that maybe , just maybe he was a knight again.
Oh and how perfect was 'The Rains of Castamere' playing over the final scene?! Can you say #sceneawesome

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Climb

Look I'm not naive enough to think that George RR Martin doesn't give his blessing to changes. And I'm not one of those "must stay exactly true to the book or I will not watch and will complain until I'm blue in the face and die an angry old hoarder with spiders in my hair" fans. HOWEVER, Gendry is not Edric Storm! Never has been . Never will be. How hard could it be just to introduce a new character. I mean seven hells it's not like you haven't done that before. Ok , whew now that I got that off my chest let me give you my skinny on tonight's episode. In a squeak I'd say good not great. Part of it is because it had to follow last weeks episode which was the best episode since last seasons Blackwater, part of it was because it just wasn't that good. It wasnt just the Gendry debacle, the Littlefinger monologue ruined what was left of an otherwise so-so episode. It seemed way too overwrought, too 80's. I don't know, can't put my finger on it. Maybe it was the music or maybe it was the weird over emotional kiss at the end. Hell maybe I'm just being crabby. It Just wasn't good. Don't get me wrong it had its moments. Well actually moment. To see Tyrion and Cersei act even remotely civil was very cool, and the acting was simply superb. The way Cersei perked up at the mention of Jamie, the loathing Tyrion holds for the position his father put Sansa in. It was what the hashtag folks call #sceneawesome.

Friday, May 3, 2013

White Geek Gurl Problems:

Hey there all my fellow geek-zillas this is geek gurl Lez comin at ya "live" from the greater Midwest area!

As I was sitting here studying for my GRE my mind began to wonder to all of the other things I would rather be doing with my precious time. My first go to naturally was the Game of Thrones, however as the clever girl that I am upon signing up for the test I knelt down in Eddard Stark's ghostly presence and swore an oath to house Winterfell that I Geek Gurl Lez will banish all books from my possession until after the test. So as a non-oath-breaker (Ya Jon Snow I said NON-oath-breaker you horney bastard... (ha bastard that's funny)) Game of Thrones was out of the question. SO WHATS A GIRL TO DO? Clearly I was in a pickle! After a minute or two of complete and utter desolation it hit me right in the face! Us geek gurls have been slacking over here and it is about damn time one of geek cast live geek gurls hopped into the ring with the big dawgs and posted a geek-a-licious blog for all procrastinating geeks to enjoy. So enjoy....

As I said I was studying for the GRE today and there is just something I have to get out before I can find any clarity to give you the geek-a-licious post I have promised. Here it goes... While attempting to absorb as much of the extremely excessive vocabulary as I could I came across the word: Adulterate. Yes adulterate. Immediately we all think of the same things sex, drugs, and corruption BUT NO just wait. In context this is how the word was used:  "The chef made his ketchup last longer by adulterating it with water". What the fuck is that! Really that is how you are going to use the word "adulterate" in context! OK Kaplan you managed to use the phrase "last longer" you were half way there. Immediately my mind, and any normal 20 somethings mind, took a dive for the more reasonable contextual uses of this word, i.e sexually exploiting women, tainting a younger sibling by force feeding them alcohol for the first time, or really anything immoral or looked down upon in societies terms. How the hell could the Kaplan team manage to make my life any more miserable...oh that's right they couldn't. Now not only was I pissed off about spending my day studying and this pathetic use of the word, I also began to get bombarded by weird unexplainable visions pertaining to sexual exploitations involving ketchup and in some cases fully ripe tomatoes. Needless to say this is an abomination on Kaplans part, can't you at least throw in something a little more 50 shades and exciting to hold my attention and all my fellow GRE test takers attention then fucking watering ketchup down? I mean even some sort of more exciting liquid then water..... GAHHH BLASPHEMY I tell ya! Well at least I got that out I don't know if I feel any better but I think I can now peacefully move on with my post.

No, no I cant.

Until next time Geek-a-zoids.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geek Cast One Shot : Iron Man 3

If the blogs are to be believed tonight's Iron Man 3 will be a complete disappointment. Will the end credits tease future Marvel properties? Will the Mandarin be a bust? Do I care? The answer in short is no. Be this movie what it may, bring it on. Totally stoked for phase two to start.